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It’s a Wonderful Life of Flowers

“Flowers for Intimate Gatherings”

     I love all flowers, from a simple daisy to the most exotic orchid. I work with my clients to provide the highest quality, and the custom designs that they desire, from simple white elegance, to colorful summer bouquets. I often add texture with the unexpected ~ herbs, scented geranium, or perhaps, adding a bit of nature with pine cones, seashells, willows & grass, or feathers & satiny curly-que’s for whimsy.

     Drawing from my many years as a floral designer, I create  flowers for weddings, parties, memorials and special occasions. Working mostly on my own, I am sure to give the utmost attention to every detail.

“The earth laughs in flowers”  -Ralph Waldo Emerson

 I have a passion for all things flowers!